Pre-order sales of 125mm double chimney and 150mm double chimney twist lock!

From September, we will start pre-order sales of double chimneys and single chimneys with an inner diameter of 125 mm and an outer diameter of 175 mm.

The socket connection is the same standard as the 150mm series, and the price is slightly cheaper than the 150mm series.

How much is just a little?

I had a inquiry.

At the moment, I think that the price will be about 5% cheaper than the 150 series.

I ordered the item in mid-August, so it will be shipped in mid-October and will be delivered to me in the latter half of October.

We will sell under the same conditions as the summer campaign only during the reservation period.

If you need a chimney of 125 mm, that is also recommended.

Conversion adapters, etc. are also available in the same way as the 150mm series.

We also have a series of 150mm twist locks available for pre-order.

This is more expensive than a socket connection, but it's a bargain compared to the twist locks that are generally on the market.

As soon as the 125mm series is ready for sale, we will start pre-orders at a special discount price.

Please wait for a while!