Glass Cleaner Usage Report for Wood Burning Stove

Today I would like to write a report on the use of the glass cleaner sold at Yama no Entotsuya.

As you can see in the Amazon review, it is true that using a glass cleaner for wood stoves removes dirt well.

In my home, I heard from someone that if the ash from the burnt residue is wetted with water and rubbed, it will come off, so I've been practicing it for a long time.

Certainly light stains were removed with it.

But my house was a mess, and when I tried to remove two months worth of dirt all at once, it was really a big deal.

I removed the door and physically scraped it off with a steel scrubber.

As you can see, it's almost impossible to enjoy fire.

So this time I tried using the imported PERKINS Perkins glass cleaner.

Is it for gas? I thought, but it was written as a wood stove further below!

And how to use it, like the picture below, put a small amount on a newspaper or paper towel and draw a circle on a glass that is not hot.

It was written so, but I ignored it and rubbed it on the side.

The lower half had a bit of stubborn crumbs stuck to it.

Apply 3 more times.

Then, oh my God!

Stubborn dirt will come off.

Even so, the lower half has some fine scratches, probably because I wiped it with a steel scrubber before, and it looks like frosted glass, so it's not completely clean.

Bad example!

With this, my family is finally able to enjoy a life with a small fire.

After all, it's great to see the fire!

This product is sold as a related product for wood stoves.

Glass cleaner

It will be a product that can be shipped for 500 yen.