The scheduled delivery date for the chimney has been decided!

Thank you for pre-ordering the chimney.

According to the information as of noon on Thursday, October 27th, the customs clearance procedure was completed earlier.

The container has been unloaded at Kobe Port today and is ready to be picked up.

However, our company, which is still a small company, was involved in the X-ray inspection of the container, so it will be inspected next Friday, November 4th.

And it will be delivered on Monday the 7th.

From there, it will be delivered sequentially, but it will probably take about a week to complete the delivery.

Sorry to keep you waiting, but it will arrive soon!

Please wait a moment.

Below is the information so far.

The schedule for shipment from the Chinese factory of the chimney has been decided.

The next container is scheduled to leave China on Friday, October 21st.

It will be delivered to the port of Kobe in about a week, and will be put in the warehouse in about a week.

However, if it fails the import cargo inspection, it will take a little longer, so it may take another week.

I just hope I don't fall under the test.

Please wait for a while.