About the arrival of chimneys


We have been waiting for a long time, but the insulated double chimney is scheduled to arrive at "Yama Entotsuya" in early December!

This product is not purchased through a wholesaler, etc., but is ordered directly from a factory in China, so it can be sold at a low price.

Even though it is made in China, this chimney was produced in a factory that is exported to Europe and has received strict European CE certification, so there is no doubt about its safety.

In addition, we asked a Japanese person to conduct the final inspection, so there is no problem with the quality.

A double chimney with an inner diameter of 150 mm and an outer diameter of 200 mm is filled with ceramic fiber insulation, so there is no risk of burns even if you touch the outside during use.

The inner tube is made of SUS316, that is, stainless steel.

Since the inner tube is exposed to acids such as creosote generated during combustion, SUS316, which has excellent acid resistance, is used.

The external pipe is made of SUS304, which is resistant to rust.

The product has a thickness of 0.5 mm both inside and outside.

All the chimneys handled by "Yama Entotsuya" are seamless welded pipes, so they are stronger than cheaper seam pressed pipes, and there is no need to worry about rainwater entering.

In addition, we have almost all the materials necessary for installing a chimney for a wood stove, such as a welded single chimney (SUS304 0.7 mm thick), roof flashing, storm collar, chimney top, chimney support for wall exposure, etc.

As soon as it arrives, it will be uploaded to the product page, so if you are interested, please register your email and we will contact you as soon as it arrives.

Installation work is also possible in the Kansai area, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.