chimney price

Why did you hear that the chimney costs more than the stove costs? Do you wonder?

No matter which stove shop you ask, they probably won't take it seriously saying that the chimney is more expensive than the stove.

So why is it so expensive?

According to the stove maker, Japanese chimneys are made for Japan's climate (high temperature, high humidity and lots of rain), so it's only natural that they're expensive.

Also, Japanese chimneys are of good quality, so it is natural that they are expensive as a result.

You will see answers like this.

I think it's probably half true and half sales pitch.

Does Japan need a special chimney because it rains more than the US and Europe?

That's not true.

There are certainly typhoons, but America also has hurricanes.

It's true that it rains a lot, but America and Europe also have more rain than Japan in some areas.

Where does the price difference come from?

In the United States and Europe, wood stoves can usually be purchased at home centers, and many people install them DIY.

Even if you search on Amazon, double chimneys are listed at less than half the price in Japan.

Wood burning stoves are also available in a wide variety of prices.

Are those chimneys of bad quality?

That's not true.

Unlike Japan, there are soot and smoke regulations set by the EPA in the United States and CE in Europe, and it is necessary to clear combustion tests for chimneys, but only those that meet the standards are allowed to be sold.

Looking at the standards, the seam fold chimney does not meet the standards, so it is impossible to sell it for indoor use in the United States and Europe.

These strict standards apply not only to chimneys, but also to household wood stoves.

On the other hand, anything is possible in Japan, so home centers sell very cheap wood stoves.

The products handled by Yamano Entotsuya meet the strict European CE standards, so you can rest assured that the quality is good.

I think the difference in price is the result of the large difference in sales volume and the brand strategy in Japan.

The wood stove and chimney are luxury items! If you want to buy it, please consider at least 1 million yen! It seems that everyone in the firewood stove shop in the street is said.

It's true that the way an expensive wood-burning stove burns can be quite enchanting.

But do you really need to ask that much for a chimney?

If it's not an expensive chimney, will it cause a fire?

Since it is a double chimney with insulation material, it will not cause a fire if the construction method is correct.

Of course, the chimneys sold at the mountain chimney shop are socket-connected, so the connection method may be different, but there is no rain intrusion.

However, the appearance of the joint part is a little different from the high-end twist lock.

Isn't it silly to pay hundreds of thousands of yen just for the difference in appearance of joints?

I think.

Therefore, Yama Entotsuya offers chimney stoves and wood stoves at reasonable prices, and we would like to support a lifestyle where you can easily enjoy the wood stove life.

In addition, we accept returns of chimneys for home use within 60 days from the arrival of the product.

Chimneys left over from construction, chimneys that were not used due to a change in the construction route, or chimneys that were purchased more than expected can be returned as long as they have not been set on fire, so please feel free to use them.

We will resell the returned chimneys at the outlet price, so future buyers will be happy, so we are happy to accept returns!