Chimney replaced 3 times

I ended up replacing it three times before it became the current insulated double chimney.

I've invested a lot of time and money into it.

Still, it didn't start a fire, and I think it's a good memory now.

However, it would have been nice to have met something good from the beginning.

This is a photo from October 2007 when my eldest daughter was 5 years old.

This is Homma Seisakusho's egg-shaped tin stove and spiral duct chimney.

This is a picture of the first room being made shortly after the old folk house was relocated.

It's a single wall chimney.

The smoke emission was quite bad, and as the winter deepened, soot accumulated and did not burn well.

Still, the wood stove was warm and handy.

The house is still unfinished.

Purchase second-hand fittings with wooden swaying glass

We are particular about the frame so that the fittings can be fully opened.

The white box on the right used to collect rainwater from the rain gutters and use it for washing hands and dishes.

It was a day trip on the weekend, so it was still enough, but in the summer, algae grew and it was green when I drew water.

Here is a photo from December 2008.

I had an ironworks in the Tohoku region called Ebina Tekko make a wood-burning stove.

I had the bottom be an oven with a top and bottom split type.

However, because the iron plate was broken, the heat did not reach the bottom and the oven did not function at all.

And the one in the bottom left of the above photo is the radiator of the car.

I thought about installing this on the back of the wood stove to circulate the water and use it for floor heating, but it failed!

The plastic parts have melted.

And I changed to a chimney without a roof for this stove.

I asked Kinki Ceramics, a company that makes flat tiles, to custom-make chimney tiles without using flushing.

and here is the finished

The single part is the same as before, but this time a 150 mm spiral duct is used.

The double part is a 200mm spiral duct finished with heat-resistant paint.

Between the single layer and the double layer, I bent a thin plate into a U shape and used it as a spacer to create an air layer.

Single chimney and double chimney coexist

After this, the single chimney became unnecessary, so it was removed.

December 2009

Tired of non-functioning wood stoves with ovens

This time, I had a maki-style firewood stove make a handmade firewood stove.

Round and cute shape because it was produced from the original design

I still like it and use it.

Steel plate is durable and long-lasting!

A few more years have passed since then...

What a pocky and it has broken from the root!

Photo taken in February 2015.

It is the part of the single chimney that is rusted and broken.

Galvanized spiral ducts are resistant to rust when used normally, but when used for chimneys, the zinc melts and rusts easily.

If it is used, stainless steel seems to be good.

I couldn't help it, so I turned the tempura pot upside down to protect it from the rain.

April 2014 to October 2015

August 2016 to February 2017

I left the house unattended for about two years in total.

It happened in between.

I was living in the Philippines, a tropical country, with six children.

I will write more about it on another occasion.

After returning to Japan in February 2017, I had no choice but to install a new chimney.

This time, the single part is a 120mm stainless steel seamless welded chimney made by Homma Seisakusho.

And for the double chimney part, I also used a 150mm seam fold chimney from Homma Seisakusho.

And we packed ceramic fiber between the double chimneys.

I forced myself to make a double chimney and protrude through a 150 mm hole in the chimney tile.

Since the diameter of the single chimney became smaller than before, I processed an irregular shaped duct for the spiral duct and forcibly connected it.

The appearance is bad, but it was used without any problems.

and October 2020

Finally, I gave up the chimney tile and used flushing to put the long-awaited insulated double chimney.

Of course, it is a socket-connected chimney that is still on sale at Yama Entotsuya!

Indoor reverted to 150mm chimney

Now it's blowing smoke with no problems.

And if it's this chimney, it doesn't seem necessary to replace it while I'm alive.

I finally found a cheap chimney with good quality.

Thanks to that hard work, I was able to come across a good quality insulated double chimney made in China.

And what a treat...

Now I have started a chimney shop business called Yama no Entotsuya.

We have put in a lot of hard work, so we would like to provide the best possible service to all DIY users.

I hope to work with you in the future.

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