Heat-resistant paint temperature of double chimney

Currently, there are two types of products for double chimneys and their peripheral parts: heat-resistant 600°C coating and heat-resistant 300°C coating.

For that reason, we will ask for advice on which one to ask.

Heat-resistant 600°C painted chimneys are mainly used for single chimneys and wood stove bodies.

This is light and rarely exceeds 300°C, so you can rest assured that the heat-resistant 600°C coating is safe.

Since the surface temperature of the double chimney does not normally exceed 100°C, there is no problem with the heat-resistant 300°C coating .

However, at present, double chimney products are mixed with two types of heat-resistant and temperature-resistant coating products.

In the future, we plan to unify our double chimneys with products that are heat-resistant to 300°C.

Therefore, the double chimney products with heat-resistant 600°C coating are set a little cheaper.

The appearance is slightly different.

Products with a heat-resistant 300°C coating are not glossy and feel a little rough to the touch.

And it is easily scratched when rubbed. (It will disappear when wiped with a waste cloth.)

Products with a heat-resistant coating of 600°C have a glossy and smooth feel.

And even if you rub it lightly, it will not remain after rubbing.

We hope that you will be able to purchase according to your preferences.

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