Connection between Homma Seisakusho and Nozaki Sangyo's chimney

Honma Seisakusho is famous for chimneys.

In addition, Nozaki Sangyo Co., Ltd. is famous for those who install chimneys by DIY when it comes to cheap insulated double chimneys.

I tried to verify the compatibility and difference between chimneys of Yama no Entotsuya and chimneys of Homma Seisakusho and Nozaki Sangyo.

Left: Thermal insulation double chimney of Yamaentotsuya Straight pipe 0.5m ¥10,000 Effective length 457mm

Middle: Homma Seisakusho's double chimney with an air layer (the photo shows an unpainted product) Product name Double stainless steel semi-straight tube ¥17,100 Effective length: 353 mm

Right Insulated double chimney from Nozaki Sangyo Double insulated straight pipe 355 ¥8000 Effective length 355 mm

Yama no Entotsuya is TIG welded with heat insulating material, the single part is 0.5 mm thick SUS316, which is resistant to acidity even among stainless steel, and the double part is 0.5 mm thick SUS304.

In addition, the connection of the chimney of the single part becomes the reverse insertion type where the female mouth comes up. (No tar leakage)

This double chimney with insulation is instructed in Europe and the United States to keep a minimum distance of 5 cm from combustible materials. (European certified product)

Homma Seisakusho uses 0.4mm thick SUS340 stainless steel, which is relatively cheap for both single and double layers, to insulate the air layer without insulation in the seam fold chimney.

In addition, the connection of the chimney of the single part will be a positive insertion type where the male pipe comes up. (There is a possibility of tar leakage.)

Insulation by this air layer is instructed in Europe and the United States to keep a minimum distance of 15 cm from combustible materials.

Nozaki Sangyo is a seam fold chimney with insulation material. Other parts are the same as Honma Manufacturing.

However, since it contains heat insulating material, it may be possible to keep it at least 5 cm away from combustibles, but it is unknown because it is a seam-folded chimney.

Also, it seems that the seam fold chimney will not pass the European certification.

The bottom is Nozaki Sangyo and the top is Homma Seisakusho's goby folded chimney.

Since both chimneys are the same seam fold chimney, the single chimney part is compatible with the correct insertion type.

There is an inquiry about the compatibility of the above-mentioned seam folded chimney and Yamano Entotsuya's welded pipe insulation double chimney.

The answer is no compatibility.

The double pipe part is the same reverse insertion type, and the rain that comes on the male port does not enter inside, so it is possible to connect somehow.

However, since the single part is a reverse insertion type and a normal insertion type, connection is not possible.

If you ask me if it is absolutely impossible, I would say that it is possible if you use a pliers-like tool called a five-blade crimper .

However, please understand that it is impossible because it will be very clumsy and the length of the insertion is greatly different.

We rent and sell these tools , so please use them if necessary.

Regarding the single chimney, it is impossible to connect the seam folded chimney and the double chimney of Yamaentotsuya as it is, but there are two ways to connect it.

Purchase the 152mm-152mm adapter sold at Yama no Entotsuya .

Alternatively, it is possible to connect by using the above five blade crimper to apply waves to either chimney and squeeze it.

Regarding the penetrating kit , it is possible to use both the seam folded chimney and the insulated double chimney of Yama no Entotsuya.

However, the support base cannot be connected to the seam folding chimney.

If there is anything you do not understand, please feel free to ask a question from the inquiry column .

You can also ask questions on LINE from there.

Nozaki Sangyo Single Jujikyoku

The lid could not be fixed with screws, etc., so I was worried that it might come off.

Because it is made of stainless steel SUS430 0.4 mm, it is thin and flimsy and easily collapses into an oval shape.

The price was 6000 yen including tax.

Yamano Entotsuya's single tube is made of SUS304 with a thickness of 0.7 mm, so it is quite solid compared to that.

This is a single chimney with a T-tube cap that is sold at Yama Entotsuya. 6000 yen including tax.

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