Prices for chimneys on Amazon in the USA


Have you ever searched for chimneys on Amazon, etc.?

I have! ! !

However, I was fed up with the high price of chimney stoves in Japan, so I started a stove shop called Yamano Chimney Stove, so it is natural to check the prices in other countries.

It's a chimney price, but it's very cheap!

I recommend everyone to check it out once.

The search keyword is double wall chimney pipe 6 inch.

It is a product with a double chimney of 150 mm.

Made in the USA, made in China and various things are hits.

And the price is about 120 dollars for a 1 meter straight chimney, so if you convert it to Japanese yen, it will start at 13,000 yen.

Then, why is it disguised as a price of 30,000 yen or more in Japan?

Of course, there are also domestic chimneys, so it's natural that it's expensive? I think there are also products that can be said.

Land is expensive in Japan, so warehouse fees are high.

Domestic shipping charges for large cargo such as containers are high.

It is expensive considering the inventory risk because it does not sell so much.

I think that it can be raised, but I think that the price of 3 times or more is abnormal.

Of course, if I say something like this, I will get the antipathy of the town's stove shop, but...

Of course, if you prefer Japanese products, even if they are expensive, the quality is definitely good, so I think you should buy them.

However, Chinese chimneys are similarly expensive.

But according to many stove makers,

The four seasons in Japan are harsh

there is a typhoon

Hot and humid with lots of rain

Cheap chimneys pose a flue fire hazard

Rainwater enters inside due to capillary action

If you burn down your precious house, even if you can buy it cheaply, it will end up being an expensive purchase.

For various reasons, I'm going to talk about Japan's unique standards for chimneys.

I suspect it's a little different.

The chimneys that Yama no Entotsuya will sell are socketed in a traditional way.

However, it is not at all inferior in terms of technology and usage.

As a big difference, the latest type is called a twist lock, which is inserted and twisted to fix it.

In addition, since the ceramic fiber insulation is sealed, it can be said that there is no water intrusion into the ceramic fiber.

However, regarding the socket connection, the length of the connection port is 5 cm, so there is almost no rainwater intrusion.

As you can see from the roof, the slope of the roof is about 3.5 inches.

Chimney slopes, on the other hand, are vertical or 60° curved slopes.

It is quite steep.

At such a slope, even though it is caused by capillary action, it is impossible for rainwater to enter the insulation material inside the chimney as water flows upwards by 5 centimeters at the joint.

What would be the problem if the stove shop in the town got in as they say?

Rain is probably already getting in through the chimney cap.

Ceramic fiber insulation is inorganic and does not rot.

Also, when heated by using a wood stove, such moisture quickly evaporates and disappears.

So it's not a problem, is it?

I think.

Wouldn't you like to sell it at a more affordable price than that?

If you don't have it, I will sell it!

I'm sorry to keep you waiting, but production at the Chinese factory will be completed in mid-November.

After that, all you have to do is load it in a container.

It will be available for sale soon, so please wait for a while.

It's a little higher than Amazon's price in the US,

Warehouse fee

Domestic shipping charges for containers

low sales volume

Considering such things, it has become the current price.

Still, I would like to deliver high-quality products with low profit and high sales to everyone, so please support me.

I recently saw on YouTube that business is an exchange of value.

That makes sense.

Give something of value, a product, and receive money worth it.

It's an exchange of value!

I think it would be great if we could create a situation where we can make each other happy through the sale of chimneys.

If you are in the Kansai area, we will also accept construction, so please contact us if you are interested.