I received a photo from a customer!

This photo was taken by a person from Ayabe City, Kyoto Prefecture.

I feel like the chimney is a little short, but it's scary if it's any longer, so it seems that they will decide whether to add it while watching the situation.

By chance, it was just a short distance from the road to Maizuru College, where my daughter attends.

After that, I was sent a photo.

It was a young couple who had moved from the Chubu area with a small child.

It was a private house with a thatched roof, and the interior was modernized by myself.

There are very few people who install the chimney of a wood stove through a thatched private house, but they did it themselves!

I'm really surprised.

This aluminum-based silicon flushing seems to be easy to use, regardless of its appearance.

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It seems that the part of the thatched roof was cut with pruning shears.

When it was delivered, it was already cut and ready for the chimney.

After that, it seems that the surroundings of the heat insulating double chimney were surrounded with calcium silicate board just in case.

In Europe and the United States, this insulated double chimney must be at least 5 centimeters away from combustibles, but it's still a problem, so it's a good idea to take safety measures!

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