We received a photo from our customer!

I was happy to receive a photo after the construction was completed from the customer asking me to upload it to my blog.

Although it is quite far from here in Miyagi Prefecture, he understood the method of chimney construction through the exchange of photos on Line and completed the construction.

It seems that the house in this picture was made between her husband and work, except for the foundation.


I've heard long ago that humans are the only animals that don't make their own homes, all other animals make their own.

After all, I feel that it would be good if there were a few people who went back to basics and built their own houses!

There are quite a few eaves because it is a snow country.

The double chimney is put out once, and then the roof is immediately penetrated.

Working hard even though the snow is dancing!

The CF07 wood stove was also purchased from the mountain chimney shop!

It seems that the wall furnace was also constructed by themselves!

"I was really impressed when I was able to install the wood stove. Thank you very much."

I was told to thank you, but here's how to say thank you!

I think that the impression was great because they did all the work themselves.

Be sure to clean the chimney every year to prevent fires.

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