About the big project of my family, relocation of an old house

This photo is of a private house in Kisofukushima that was built 160 years ago.

The owner of this old private house was eager to relocate and use it.

It was too unbearable to be demolished as it was, so I wanted someone to use it.

Therefore, the dismantling cost has become a condition that the original owner will be borne.

Then, it was decided to transport it to Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, which is far away, and relocate and rebuild it as our home.

I myself used to live in Nagano Prefecture and work as a carpenter.

I have seen many times such a splendid house demolished in those days.

Also, I was involved in a large-scale renovation project that ruined the materials, so I thought it was a shame, but I couldn't do anything.

I was very happy to hear that the old folk house could be relocated and rebuilt.

I was especially excited when it was decided that the house with a large roof in Nagano Prefecture, which I had always thought was cool, would be my property!

The photos below are from March 28, 2005, when the dismantling started.

By the way, the roof was thatched with tin.

The demolition shop is removing fittings.

The tin, aluminum sash, and exterior have been removed to expose the framework.

I used everything that could be rafters.

The powerful curved beams are very beautiful.

Since it would be a waste to cover up the shed and kan with a very beautiful ceiling, we didn't put up a horizontal ceiling and finished with solid wood boards over the rafters.

Everything was sooty, but when it was polished, it became a beautiful amber color and is still very beautiful.

The planned construction site was located in an urbanization control zone, an area where it was extremely difficult to obtain a building permit.

Therefore, it took a long time to meet the conditions for permission.

Furthermore, I couldn't find a bank that would pass the loan screening in the urbanization control area.

In the end, it took about a year from demolition to construction.

After that, I asked the carpenter who dismantled the building to come and work here for about a month until the roof was finished.

The only things we requested from our contractors were foundation work, ridge raising, roof foundation, roof tile work, and electric connection.

The cost is 400,000 yen for transportation of structural materials, 2 million yen for foundation work, 1.7 million yen for roof tile work, 2 million yen for roof foundation work, 200,000 yen for crane costs, 500,000 yen for lumber as other materials, and foam insulation for roofs. I think it cost 400,000 yen for materials. (May not be very accurate.)

It was a one-story house with a floor area of ​​186 square meters and a roof area of ​​nearly 270 square meters, so the cost was high.

Exterior work, interior work, wooden sash work, electrical work, drainage work, water supply work, well digging work, unit bath installation work, toilet installation work, kitchen installation work, storeroom extension work, garage production work, etc. I did it by myself little by little.

A veteran grandpa carpenter and a young carpenter were the main workers.

Occasionally, my child and I climbed onto the roof to see how the work was done.

Taken on July 9, 2006

The photo below is from February 25, 2018.

The current state of the house is a little more advanced.

This house and my six children are my life.

And it's not finished yet.