Rocket stove making

This is a rocket stove that I made around 2017.

It is still in the process of being built and is left unfinished.

Since the dirt floor is not completed, it is only used in the cold winter when working on the dirt floor.

First, I made a base for the rocket stove.

The height of the block is the height of the final dirt floor, so I lifted it up.

The back has a wooden board.

This is made by hardening wood fibers with cement, so it doesn't burn easily even if you put it in a bonfire.

For that reason, I pasted it on the base of the painted wall and the base of the fireproof wall.

Temporary start-up of the combustion furnace and heat riser of the engine part of the rocket stove.

Use refractory mortar for bonding.

Refractory bricks are also used for furnaces and heat risers.

I used a drum can that was cut in half and devised to turn the smoke downwards.

I used a Kindle to purchase a foreign book from the US Amazon as a reference for the production method.

I am using 200mm spiral duct.

I used a galvanized one because I was poor.

Now that I think about it, I should have made it stainless!

It rusts because tar and wood vinegar flow out...

I had the mud for the mud wall carried by a 2-ton dump.

Serve thoroughly.

I can't stand it on the way, so I tried it out

It's burning nicely.

It's ugly, but a damper is attached to the right side of the drum to make a shortcut for the smoke at the beginning of the burning, making it easier to discharge.

Undercoating will be completed soon.

It's pretty messy.

Undercoating is complete.

It is now possible to use.

So it is left as is.

I use it when I work on the dirt floor in the winter!