Well digging challenge with a boring machine!

The other day, I wrote about DIY round well moat, but there is actually a continuation...

Last time, I told you that there was a bedrock at 6 m and gave up digging further.

However, about 10 years later, I tried digging a well again!

This time it is a well digging using a boring machine instead of a hand-dug round well.

Part 1 You can see how easy it is to dig.


Part 2 It's a hard bedrock, and I can hardly dig during the video.


I imported one from China.

I did the import customs procedures myself.

The customs officials were also very curious and asked me what I was going to use it for.

Still, unfortunately, it fell under the X-ray examination, so I took it to the inspection office.

I tried my best to appeal that it wasn't a strange thing, but it seems that the inspection is done at random, so it wasn't at the discretion of the customs officer.

Wooden box packing from China

State of the inside

Both the main body and the diesel engine were made in China, but the engine started safely.

However, there was an engine trouble early and the engine did not start at all.

I had an automobile repair shop with whom I do business with come and discovered that there was a problem with the diesel injection port.

We negotiated many times and had the parts sent free of charge, and the engine restarted safely!

But it was unusable for about 2 weeks and it took a long time to wait.

This model has a diamond blade of 150 mm and water is poured out from the tip to dig.

The diameter of the rod was about 50 mm.

The dug soil rises to the ground along with the water, and the water is circulated as the soil is dug.

A fair amount of mud comes out.

Create two water holes where the mud settles and recirculates the water that flows to the last hole.

And finally, I hit that ticking layer, and I gave up digging about 7M.

Even with the breaker used at the construction site, the bedrock that could not be excavated was not suitable for the boring machine made in China.

Still, I dug about 1m into that ticking bedrock.

The problem was that the main body was slightly distorted even though it passed through the hard bedrock layer, and the rod connection screw was tightened so tightly that I thought the rod could not be removed.

I ended up installing a manual well pump.

If you pump it up continuously, the water in the pipe will disappear once.

In that case, it can not be used as the main well because it is necessary to pump up the priming water.

After a lot of hard work, it turned into a children's playground.